Sales Operations

As a sales operations leader, you’re charged with maximizing top line productivity, ensuring bottom line efficiency and bringing a clean, easy-to-use system to a complex sales environment. Traditionally, sales operations leaders have been forced to support sales teams with spreadsheets, disparate apps and overly complex CRMs—making your job infinitely more difficult and significantly stunting the sales process.

We’ve worked with sales organizations around the world and studied the best practices of the most successful sales operations teams. We built what we learned into SalesWon to create the easiest way to manage sales on the NOW Platform.

With SalesWon, you get:

  • A clean, easy to navigate CRM that your sales team is happy to adopt
  • One centralized place to process and analyze data across your sales team and the full enterprise. No more data silos!
  • Customizable dashboards and reports to meet your organization’s increasing demand for data
  • A flexible platform that allows you to implement repeatable sales practices and, at the same time, quickly and easily scale when needed
  • Built-in CPQ for a single cash to quote process


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