Customer Service

As a customer service professional, you are the true face and voice of the company. Your interactions with customers define not only the customer experience but the overall reputation and growth of the brand.

Traditionally, sales and customer service management teams have operated independently. But as customers increasingly look for more personalized, customized experiences, the most successful brands are merging data and workflows across sales and customer service management to create a 360 degree customer experience.

We’ve worked with sales organizations around the world and studied the best practices of the most successful sales and customer service management teams. We built what we learned into SalesWon to create the easiest way to manage sales on the NOW Platform.

When you and your sales team use SalesWon, you get:

  • Real-time access to critical account, sales rep and customer data to better service customers
  • A central document management platform for easy access to orders, price lists, product catalogs, contracts and more
  • One, easy-to-use platform for easy communication across teams
  • The ability to support and grow your customer base with our built-CPQ functionality


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