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This is where ServiceNow® meets SalesWon.

SalesWon takes home first place at ServiceNow’s CreatorCon Challenge! Learn why SalesWon is the best option for CRM and CPQ on the Now Platform and this year’s best new business app.

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Customer Relationship Management on the ServiceNow® platform
SalesWon’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application suite connects the core sales automation components with the benefits of ServiceNow to streamline processes and make the most of your investment.
Customer Relationship Management
Utilize the CRM application to manage your sales process from Lead Generation to Order Processing.









Configure, Price, Quote
Enhance your sales force with a quoting tool that ensures accuracy and reduces the overall time to deliver quotes.

Proposal Generator

Customizable Service Portal

E-Signature Integrations

Multiple Product Catalogs

Flexible Pricing Models

E-mail Integrations

Price Lists


Document Management
Organize and secure your quotes, orders, and sales-related documents with a simple drag and drop interface.

Version Control

Folder Security

Workflow Driven

Intuitive UX

Track Changes

Document Ownership

Drag & Drop Interface

JavaScript API

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management with SalesWon include …
Free from integrations
SalesWon is developed on the NOW platform. No more integrating your sales application with your support application.
Lower cost
Adding SalesWon onto your NOW platform will allow your organization to consolidate enterprise applications and witness instant cost savings.
Increased productivity
Stop struggling with legacy sales applications. SalesWon is developed utilizing modern web technologies and is accessible through laptops, desktops, phones, or tablets.
Increased automation
Utilize business rules and workflows to ensure your sales organization automates much of your sales process. Within minutes, have your customers go from signing an order to receiving their services.
Increased awareness
Utilize SalesWon and the NOW platform to view reports, receive notifications and track SLA’s to ensure your sales team is on track and exceeding your targets. With SalesWon, accessing your data is effortless.
CRM + CSM on one platform
Now you can have it all. Bringing SalesWon into your organization will allow Sales to access Support information and vice-versa. Customers will have instant access to support and potentially access to adjust their own orders.
SalesWon applications are available across multiple devices

SalesWon is a Technology Partner with ServiceNow whose sole focus is the development and support of Customer Relationship Management on the NOW platform. At SalesWon, we believe you can have it all. Having worked on the NOW platform for over 8 years, we realize customers no longer need to subscribe to multiple vendors when there is a proven platform to meet all of your business needs. No more trying to integrate multiple tools to serve one purpose.

Our focus at SalesWon is to give you and your customers a seamless process from Sales to Support.

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