The easiest way to manage your sales process on the Now Platform®

SalesWon’s CRM and CPQ award-winning applications create a single, easy to navigate quote to cash process for ServiceNow® companies, significantly reducing time and resources spent on managing manual processes, disparate apps, and inflexible legacy sales platforms. Built on the Now Platform, SalesWon allows companies to seamlessly share data across their sales and customer service management teams for the first time.

SalesWon takes manual, time-consuming sales tasks and automates them into a single, streamlined process

Customer Relationship Management

– Streamline and automate your lead and opportunity management process

– Track interactions with your clients

– Create detailed reports on all sales activities

– Organize your account and customer details

– Increase earning potentials

– Increase customer satisfaction

Configure, Price, Quote

– Save time by automating your quoting process

– Improve quoting accuracy

– Gain greater visibility into sales forecasts

– Gain faster adoption of quoting process while decreasing training materials

– Increase earning potentials

– Increase customer satisfaction

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management with SalesWon include …
Free from integrations
SalesWon is developed on the NOW platform. No more integrating your sales application with your support application.
Lower cost
Adding SalesWon onto your NOW platform will allow your organization to consolidate enterprise applications and witness instant cost savings.
Increased productivity
Stop struggling with legacy sales applications. SalesWon is developed utilizing modern web technologies and is accessible through laptops, desktops, phones, or tablets.
Increased automation
Utilize business rules and workflows to ensure your sales organization automates much of your sales process. Within minutes, have your customers go from signing an order to receiving their services.
Increased awareness
Utilize SalesWon and the NOW platform to view reports, receive notifications and track SLA’s to ensure your sales team is on track and exceeding your targets. With SalesWon, accessing your data is effortless.
CRM + CSM on one platform
Now you can have it all. Bringing SalesWon into your organization will allow Sales to access Support information and vice-versa. Customers will have instant access to support and potentially access to adjust their own orders.

Built by ServiceNow Developers

We worked on the Now Platform for 8 years before founding SalesWon and intimately understand the platform and its capabilities. We created SalesWon to leverage the Now Platform’s full potential and seamlessly integrate sales into ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management.

We are the winners of ServiceNow’s 2018 CreatorCon® Challenge and backed by ServiceNow Ventures

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