Account Manager

As an account manager, you’re central to the success of the sales function. Responsible for building new relationships, nurturing current and potential customers and driving sales growth across the company, your success hinges on your ability to have a 360 degree view of each contact’s interaction with the organization and an easy, streamlined process for communicating with stakeholders.

If you’ve been forced to manage your accounts and internal communication through various spreadsheets, databases and apps, you know it’s an inefficient and chaotic process that doesn’t meet the real life demands of your day-to-day.

We’ve worked with sales organizations around the world and studied the best practices of the most successful account management teams. We built what we learned into SalesWon to create the easiest way to manage sales on the NOW Platform.

With SalesWon, you get

  • A clean, easy to navigate CRM
  • A dedicated account manager portal
  • A robust opportunity management platform including lead management; lead conversion with duplicate blocking; email sync with leads and contacts and more
  • A centralized document management platform for orders, contracts, quotes and more
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Calendar integration
  • Built-in CPQ for a single cash to quote process


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