The SalesWon Team’s 11 Favorite Sales Blogs to Follow in 2019

SalesWon is built on the best practices of sales leaders around the world—which means it’s not only critical for us to stay in regular content with our sales friends, but to keep an eye on the tactics, emerging trends and thought leaders most influencing the space.

Here’s a list of the sales blogs we regularly read and reference here at SalesWon:

  1. Harvard Business Review: While not sales-specific, this is a morning must read for the SalesWon team. We love HBR’s research and thought leader-driven articles and pay special attention to their sales, marketing and leadership content.

  2. MIT Sloan Management Review: Similar to HBR, MIT Sloan Management Review offers in-depth articles on the future of business, leadership, technology and the workplace. We find this blog especially useful for sales leaders looking to keep an eye on emerging trends.

  3. Heinz Marketing: These guys do a great job of highlighting advice and experience from sales leaders in the trenches (especially with their “How I Work” series). Not the easiest blog to search, so we recommend signing up for their newsletters.

  4. Sales Source: A SalesWon favorite. These guys take a modern, fresh approach to sales. Expect to find cutting edge tactics and emerging trends.

  5. SalesHacker: A must read for sales newbies up to sales leaders, this blog is one of the best in the industry. We especially like their Sales Psychology and Sales Engagement tracks.

  6. Sandler: One of the sales training titans of the industry, Sandler’s blog (and podcast) is a great resource for both tangible sales tactics and thought leadership articles.

  7. Sales Solution Blog: The brainchild of LinkedIn, this blog is great for up-and-coming sales professionals looking for templates and tactics to help modernize their sales approach. Truthfully, we like it and reference it more than we thought we would.

  8. The Sales Blog: Run by industry author and leader Anthony Iannarino, this blog is another go-to for the SalesWon team. Where many sales blogs can start to look and sound the same, this one offers up new ways and approaches to thinking about sales.

  9. SalesFolk: Solely focused on how to write better sales copy and emails, this is a great and tangible resource sales reps and managers can apply to their day-to-day communication.

  10. SalesGravy: Another niche sales blog, this time focused on prospecting. You have to occasionally weed through generic content, but there are some content gems to be found here.

  11. YourSalesMBA® Blog: Run by well-known sales training leaders Hoffman, this blog is great resource for sales newbies looking for foundational tips and sales reps and managers looking for tactical advice.