Are you settling for a CRM that you’ve outgrown just because it’s what you’ve always used? If your company is using Act! CRM for its sales process needs while simultaneously using ServiceNow® for its support needs, you might be experiencing the negative side effects of two platforms that don’t run together harmoniously.  With SalesWon, you don’t have to settle and can switch to a CRM that actually works for you.

With SalesWon built on the ServiceNow platform, you don’t need to integrate two disparate applications. When you integrate systems, you give your sales team the ability to follow their customer from sales into support without having to switch between systems.

SalesWon offers your team all the features currently provided by Act! CRM including campaigns, leads, accounts & contacts, opportunities, activities, quotes, and orders. Plus, SalesWon provides other features not included in your current CRM, such as custom workflows, a modern UI, and a native mobile version.

SalesWon is the 2018 ServiceNow CreatorCon® Challenge winning application, built on Forbes’ 2018 Most Innovative Company’s platform. It was developed by a team of consultants solely focused on the development and support of applications on the ServiceNow platform. With eight years of ServiceNow experience and over 20 years in the IT consulting industry, SalesWon knows what it takes to ensure a successful implementation as well as providing peace of mind thereafter with top notch support.

With SalesWon, you get the first-rate CRM your company needs combined with the power of ServiceNow that you’re already familiar with. If you’re interested in learning more about switching from your current CRM to SalesWon, you can request a demo or visit our website.

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