Streamline your sales organization while lowering total cost of ownership with SalesWon. SalesWon is a technology partner with ServiceNow® whose sole focus is the development and support of applications that streamline and automate sales.

SalesWon is different from competing softwares because it is built on the ServiceNow platform, eliminating the need to integrate two enterprise applications only to find it can never meet a company’s constant demand for change. Utilizing a single platform provides users with the opportunity for tremendous cost savings rather than paying for disparate systems. Sales teams will have the ability to streamline their processes while simultaneously strengthening relationships with their customers. Additionally, customers can decide to bridge the gap between sales and support by activating ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management application to instantaneously support customers through the closure of an order.




SalesWon currently offers three applications: Customer Relationship Management; Configure, Price, Quote; and Document Management. Sales teams can utilize the CRM application to manage the sales process from lead generation to order processing. Configure, Price, Quote allows a team to enhance its sales force with a quoting tool that ensures accuracy and reduces the overall time to deliver quotes. Finally, Document Management provides a team with the tools to organize and secure quotes, orders, and sales-related documents with a simple drag-and-drop interface.




SalesWon was developed by a team of consultants solely focused on the development and support of applications on the ServiceNow platform. With eight years of ServiceNow experience and over 20 years in the IT consulting industry, SalesWon knows what it takes to ensure a successful implementation as well as providing peace of mind thereafter with top notch support.

The team at SalesWon is looking forward to helping sales teams streamline their processes and realize the benefits of a single platform. You can follow SalesWon on LinkedIn and the SalesWon website to learn more about how it is helping businesses by combining the power of ServiceNow and the CRM of SalesWon.




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